Hi ……

My name is Billy and I would like to thank you for dropping bye…..cheers!

Now that's what I call a sunset
This was the view from my balcony on Sun Set Strip, in San Antonio Ibiza, where I lived and worked for many years.

And if you thought that view was fantastic, the view behind was even better!

The other side of the view is my digital recording studio which I had with my life long music partner and best friend Matt.
Along with my OB radio studio.
Now that really is heaven on earth.

I originally studded for the RAE when I was 15 but the sudden death of my friend and teacher Jim put a halt on my plans.
25 years later and after working as a senior broadcast engineer, brought me in to contact with Steve Richards from the BBC.
Steve is a senior OB engineer and used to come over o Ibiza with radio 1 of a Friday for the Pete Tong essential selection radio show. And rekindled my interest in ham radio. He's not much of a drinker though, but he makes up for this by reading the RSGB news on top band (he's no Penny Smith either!) 
So when I came back to the UK I joined WKARS and Brats and finally took my foundation exam.
The test took just over 5 minutes and I scored a pukka 100%.
Next followed the 2E0 exam. I found it pointless being a 2e0, there was nothing to be gained from it.
In Febuary 2010 I took the advanced exam with the Cray Valley club, and passed.
It's nice to have the full set of call signs, shame it's not poker!

Along with radio my other main interest is music.
And if you are into dance music Ibiza is the place to be, and I had many years of hit tunes while there.

                                it will take you to where I archive my remixes and some dj sets.
I have been known by the names of "Billy Blue2", and also "Billy the Bootlegger". From which "btb productions" came about.

I have been lucky to work with many of the biggest names in dance music, as a recording engineer, producer, and musician.
And as a bonus I have also engineered some fantastic radio shows, for some great people, many of whom are now good friends.

My main interest in ham radio is qrp dxing, either in digital modes, or mores.
Saying that I like a bit of phone work too.
I take part in a lot of digital mode contests, and also the 2 meter activity contests.
My other main interest is antenna design, and performance. Read the antenna pages for some new ideas, and some improvments on some old ideas too.

I am sure I will add some more waffle later, but for now that's about it,

And remember you can't work the dx if you aint on the air!
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