Welcome to the pages of me....M0ZWW.
There's nothing to serious here just a bit of waffling from me on some radio related stuff.

The antenna section is hopefully of use to some one, as there are a few home brew bits in there that show how you can get on the bands even if your qth is the size of a small postage stamp.

There are some photos of the shack, sparse as it is. The important stuff is in the garden propagating rf to the four corners of the earth.

There is a section on digital modes, this is my favourite mode of operation, as it seems to deliver more miles per qrp watt than any other mode.

This site will always be a work in progress area, and I hope to keep it updated as often as possible. So if there are pages down it's because I'm updating them.

But for now, thanks for dropping bye, I hope you enjoy you stay and there's something of interest for you here.

Till next time 73's de Billy M0ZWW 
Welcome to M0ZWW.com