Your QSL card is very important to me!

I worked 119 contries as M3ZWW, but I have only had 35 confirmed via the Buro'!
96 via EQSL.

As 2E0ZWW I worked 174 DXCC with 101 confirmed via EQSL, so thank you guys and girls.
M0ZWW 104 confirmed by EQSL.

Please do keep sending the paper cards to me as I need them for ARRL awards.
Also I need QSL cards from the USA for WAS. I have worked them all, but still need 7 via EQSL, and many paper cards!

You can QSL via..... EQSL.CC..... The Buro'..... Direct to home address.

If you QSL direct NO IRC IS REQUIRED !!!